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The forum is free and open to everyone, except for a staff reserved area and a Premium Support section. It is allowed to post on the topic forum (Post / Topic) of general topic, merchandise and in any case of any matter directly related to their business.

The following key points are noted:

  • They are enabled to enter messages and to create new threads only registered users.
  • The Forum is divided into thematic areas to allow the widest possible discussion and a more orderly thread sequence based on the topics.
  • It is appropriate to avoid duplication of existing discussions. To do this, before you open a new thread, using the "Search" function or by consulting the most recent discussions in the section, you must verify that the topic is not already covered elsewhere. In case of duplication, the administrator and the moderators will report the existence of previous threads on that theme and delete the subsequent threads.
  • Due to the fact that the messages are published in real time, the Publisher can not be held liable for their content.
  • The author of the message remains the sole responsible for his content.
  • The moderator intervenes in the case of offensive, vulgar or out of place messages and in their sole discretion may delete messages, temporarily or permanently disable users who do not follow the rules of the Forum or otherwise do not respect the rules of the Netiquette .
  • The moderator can use the warning tool, with the specific intention of sensitizing users to compliance with the regulation.

They are expressly prohibited and subject to immediate expulsion from the Forum:

  • Insults, offenses and defamatory statements against participants in the Forum and third parties in general.
  • Incitement to violence, racism and racial hatred, apology of totalitarian regimes in general.
  • Apology of crimes.
  • Offended to the religion of any faith.
  • Violation of copyright laws and publication of copyrighted material; If material is extracted from other sites or publications, and if copyright is not violated, source quotation is mandatory.
  • Disclosure of personal data of third parties or in any case contrary to the laws of the dlgs 196/03.
  • Forms of hacking.
  • Zip or emule and torrent programs without a specific staff authorization.
  • Advertising, whether in the form of links, to commercial activities or not, unless expressly authorized.
  • Messages repeatedly repeated, free, clearly useless, in general, everything that goes under the definition of "spamming".
  • Messages that alter the proper functioning of the Forum and the services associated with it or prevent its proper use by other users.
  • Arguments considered unsuitable for the spirit of the Forum or in any way offend the sensitivity of other users.
  • Attribution of another user's identity, including managers and moderators.
  • Using multiple nicknames by the same user ("fake"), except for moderators and / or administrators for program testing capabilities, which will specify in your nickname the intended use.
  • Re-enrollment for more than 2 times by users who have canceled.
  • The request for the extradition of other users, in any case it is permissible to report interventions, in serious cases, by means of a special function.

Also, it is not allowed to leave the forum permanently and unconditionally, to use private messages (MPs) as a tool to promote other internet sites and / or discussion forums, or to invite private users through the same private messages This Forum subscribes to other internet forums.

In addition to the aforementioned prohibitions, it is good to follow the rules and principles of Netiquette.

  • The prohibition to keep repeating the same message.
  • The request for explanations or possible disputes exclusively through private message, via email or through internal messages using the appropriate function; Moderators and forum administration are always fully available to dialogue.

If in the course of the discussion the topic is degenerated (even with only one post), it is given a lot of faculty to the moderator, including the administrator, to act as they deem appropriate with recalling the users, modifying or deleting the message or closing the thread.

In the most serious cases of non-compliance with the rules, and in the event that the violations are repeated after the moderators or administrator's remarks, in addition to the possible closure or cancellation of the threads, the immediate and definitive withdrawal from the Forum may be postponed.

If a user is excluded from the forum, he / she can not re-register with another nickname. If an outsourced user recurses to the forum and is discovered by the moderators or the administrator, he / she will be disqualified again. If this user continues to rewrite, in order to prevent the regular running of forum discussions, we will proceed with the reporting of IPs registered on our servers to the service provider or competent authority.

The assessment of the severity of the violations and the decisions regarding the consequent temporary or definitive sanctions is restored to the unquestionable judgment of the administrator and moderators.

They may result in the temporary or definitive exclusion of the user from the Forum:

  • Attitudes and/or contention positions, free and obviously hostile to moderators and forum administrators.
  • Encouraging non-compliance with these rules, aimed at destabilizing the normal and peaceful participation of everyone in the Forum.

The above rules apply to both forums and signatures and avatars.

Each participant assumes full criminal and civil liability arising from the illicit content of his / her messages and any harm that may be complained to by third parties in relation to their publication.

In terms of digressions, boutades, excursus, various extents (Off Topic or OT) users who make the free choice to take part in the Forum are required to:

  • Limit, in general, the use of the off topic / opening of extemporary threads.
  • Limit the use of the off-topic to the situations in which it involves the other participants (hence avoiding end-to-end interventions).
  • Make sure to limit the off-topic to a parenthesis that opens and closes in such times and ways as not to affect normal reading and evolution of the main theme of the discussions.
  • Avoid a sequence of post-compulsive short-range (of the order of the minute) one from the other.

The avatars must be at most 100x100 pixels. For the respect of other users, especially those with slower connections, signatures may not contain too long or too long.

The moderator's work can only be judged by the forum administrator.

By logging in to the Forum, you agree to the rules in all its parts. The regulation is periodically updated to better adapt its contents to the evolution of the Forum and ensure the best use of the Forum. Any changes to the regulations will automatically be accepted by registered users who are also registered in the period prior to the last change; Therefore, invite users to periodically check for the presence of new rules within the forum's Rules.

Privacy protection

In the event a user decides to subscribe to the Forum to be able to publish their messages, he implicitly accepts the registration and management modes set forth in the Rules. In particular, you declare that you are aware that you accept the personal data provided by the Publisher in compliance with Law 675/1996 and the sole technical purpose of allowing the use of the Forum. Neither the Publisher nor the Forum Administrators are responsible for the privacy of each user.

The Staff QuiSiamo!®

If you like this site, consider giving a very small help to your livelihood. Thank you

If you like this site, consider giving a very small help to your livelihood. Thank you

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