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By registering here We are! You may fully accept Terms of Use and the policies of each single service.

Ads are free for individuals, or for companies that offer a social service utility for an unquestionable Staff Review, with the exception of business categories for which a premium subscription or an additional payment is required (registered users).

To be able to publish you must register to the site.

1) Each announcement will last a minimum of 15 days, except for an automatic repetition requested by the user (see ADVERTISING RATES). Each user will be informed by mail 5 days before the expiration date and will be able to renew the ad independently at no cost.
2) Each ad can check the source and the user is the sole responsible for the published ad. No ads will be accepted without the user's data/delivery.
3) Any announcement may be canceled if there is a violation of the general site rules.
4) Adverts with yellow icon are always paid. Each ad will be posted for payment received. Premium users have a 3 months/year bonus (the first three months of subscription/renewal) of unlimited free ads and a 50% discount on all others. Read the Services Card for more information.
5) Announcements for yellow/green icon are free only in private sections. For the remainder it is true in point 4).

N.B. Job offers and job inquiries are always free.

Automatic repetition ads : a cost of €5 per month, including the first issue month, for free ads is expected. Premium business ads cost 5 euros for 15 days, 1 month 9 euros, two months 15 euros.
For long-term advertising publications contact us for information . For urgent orders and/or information call +39 3409219138.

All payments must be paid in advance to the Payments page: Payement Page

Please let us know any anomaly or disservice.
Thank you




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